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Time Flies When We’re Having Fun!

The Adventure Continues…
This month marks the 20th anniversary of our founding company, Lost World Adventures, and the 10th anniversary of FishQuest’s spin-off as a dedicated fishing travel company.

It has been a great ride so far! Starting with an idea to launch South America as an adventure travel destination, we’ve evolved into a worldwide fishing travel company, with dozens of top-notch locations far and wide. FishQuest now boasts the world’s largest active fishing trip portfolio, reaching into every continent except Antarctica. (We tried in December 1999 but that’s another story!)

Our QuesTackle division also continues to grow and diversify. Last year we rolled out our new Amazon Grade lures, followed this summer by Amazon Grade fishing wear. Stay tuned for some more surprises later this year, as we strive to make our company a “one-stop shop” to satisfy your fishing appetite.

Meanwhile, Lost World Adventures continues to grow and prosper under the guidance of Andrew Gilchrist. Hired as a key employee, Andrew now heads one of most respected adventure travel outfits in the world.

The business has given us all the opportunity to have some amazing travel experiences, and meet some incredible people along the way. Clients have become close friends, as have many of our trip operators, local guides and native folks in the areas we visit.

Oh, and then there are the fish! With hundreds of sportfish species ranging from tarpon to trout, snakeheads to sailfish we’ve certainly had some reel angling adventures.

It hasn’t been all glamour though. We’ve had some bumps along the way. Political unrest and disease outbreaks in some third-world destinations, along with 9/11 and several devastating hurricanes right at home, has made the travel industry a challenging career.

Advances in technology have certainly helped us. It doesn’t seem all that long ago that we were carrying down fax machines to South America to improve our communications with lodge owners and our logistics people. And that was a huge step up from telexes! Today our fax pretty much gathers dust as email, websites and cell phones keep us humming along.

More importantly is finding quality people on all sides of the equation, from our hard-working office operations staff to the lodges, boats and support people in remote corners of the planet, we’ve built a team of top-notch professionals driven by a common purpose: to make your next fishing adventure an enjoyable and memorable experience.

If You’re a longtime FishQuest angler, our sincerest thanks for your loyal support. If you’re just joining us, welcome aboard for the next 20 years of angling adventures around the world!

Scott Swanson and Gary Schumacher Founding Partners
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