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Got to Love those Golden Dorados!

Then it was onto Uruguay where we stayed at Horacio Thermal Springs Resort. Patrick Brown, Luis Brown’s son, is running this operation and doing a fantastic job. Both the hotel and the fishing are first class. Anglers fishing with River Plate have a private dining room for lunch and dinner and Patrick is always present to help translate menu orders.

Fishing takes place just below the dam, about five minutes by car from the hotel. Two pristine boats take two anglers per boat up to the dam on three hour intervals. The fishing is incredibly exciting as dorados grow to an enormous size and are acrobats through and through. I saw several fish jump 20 feet into the air, one even hit the wall of the dam.

Molly Bundy and Cliff Solomon managed to bring in matching 38 pound monsters on my week and spent the rest of the week discussing whose was the “biggest” 38 pounder! My husband, Wayne, a non-fisherman, caught five 10-pounders on the one morning he fished and I reeled one in too! Jason Bundy and Billy Kane also had numerous huge catches; too many to list!

Needless to say, the trip was a success. We have had one additional party go on the same trip since we returned and they also glowed about the whole tour, tip to tail. I would highly recommend fishing these power-packed fish to any angler who has enjoyed fishing peacock bass and other freshwater exotic species. Here is another one for your bucket list.

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