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October 2012 Newsletter
Amazon Season is Upon Us
Are you heading to the Amazon to tackle the World’s most insatiable freshwater bass? Then, you'll need the world's most complete tackle box! Questackle has lure packages specifically designed for peacock bass.

We have revamped our Blackwater and Clearwater Amazon Grade Peacock Bass packages to include the best 2013 lures along with some old reliable favorites.
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Jigs, Jigs
and more Jigs
Mandatory in every peacock bass angler's tackle box are jigs! And lots of them. We recommend anglers take at least 12 jigs. Adding jigs to your Amazon arsenal will only enhance your odds of catching a trophy. Jigs are
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Caribe Pavon Props
in High Demand
WHILE SUPPLIES LAST! It’s true. We received a shipment from Caribe in August and within two weeks, we were completely sold out! We have restocked our shelves and have a good supply of 6” and 4.25” Pavon Props for now and we hope to have
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Yozuri does it Again!
The new Yo-Zuri Crystal Minnow Series of lures feature a newly designed brilliant holographic finish that will light up the water and attract fish as never before. This is especially good when fishing in blackwater, dusk or murky conditions.
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Going, Going, Gone
We still have Luhr Jensen Amazon Grade Big Game Woodchoppers, Amazon Rippers and Peacock Bass Specials in some colors. If these longstanding favorite lures aren’t part of your tackle stash, or if you just want to add a few more Peacock Bass topwater lures, place an order now. We are selling them daily and when they are gone, they are gone forever!
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Anglers fished the River Marie this past week. In two and a half days, five anglers caught a variety of mid-size fish, two fish in the 17-19 pound range and one whopper at 26.3 lb! As expected, the river is producing the trophy fish much anticipated by its eager anglers.

Our season-opener group fished the Marmelos River in the southern Amazon catching about 23 mid-size fish per day. Complementing the cabins, staff, guides and food, the anglers returned having had a great trip. With the new porch additions on each cabin, anglers are enjoying this new added luxury.
The Amazon, overall, is shaping up for a better fishing season than we saw in 2011-2012. After last year’s La Nina weather system negatively affected the water levels in the Amazon, we are looking forward to more favorable fishing conditions for 2012-2013.

So if you’re thinking about fishing, please call for the latest update and available trip slots on 1-888-891-3473 or email

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FishQuest! 152 N Main St. Hiawassee, Georgia 30546

Phone: (706) 896-1403
Toll Free: 1-888-891-3474
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